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Our ATV Trails

TRAILS OPEN ON MAY 18, 2024. Grand Isle ATV Club maintains thirty-one miles of ATV trails within our town. We thank the 38 landowners who allow our trails to go through their land. Our trails connect to those in Madawaska and Van Buren to give you miles of trails to ride in Northern Aroostook County, named one of the ten best trail systems in the USA. Some of our trails go through Irving Land, which requires riders display a sticker showing they belong to an ATV Maine associated club like Grand Isle ATV Club. Please respect the land and landowners. Stay on marked trails. Observe all ATV laws and practice carry in-carry out. Trails change frequently for many reasons, so please contact the club with any questions about current conditions.

Trail Map


Trail Work

Volunteers maintain our trails, clearing brush and fallen trees, repairing washouts, clearing culverts and posting signage.

Volunteer for Trail Work!

Trail Master Phil appreciates any help he can get to maintain and improve the Grand Isle ATV Club trails. Reach out to him today to find out how you can help!

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